About Us

About Us

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Our story


Years ago, Joe was at home with a fever and a Netflix account. He stumbled upon a documentary about Raccoons, and how city raccoons are evolving at a more rapid pace than their forest-dwelling fellows due to their coexistence with human beings. By having to live with us, and overcome everything we do to stop them from eating our trash, they have grown smarter than ever before. Or something, like we said – he had a fever. 

What came of that, besides a new favorite animal, was this company. Procyon Creatives strives to surround itself with as many creative people as possible and we believe that by coexisting together alongside society we too can evolve at a faster rate. We want to offer services that help writers and artists of all kinds follow their dreams, just like Joe followed his. We’re starting small, but we know we’re going to grow to change the world. 

Our creative projects don’t have to be just a dream anymore.